When to use insurance for Paintless Dent Repair's.

We find that often times customer's believe insurance claims are only for traditional auto body shops. Everyday the capabilities of paintless dent repair are growing. Sharing of skills, knowledge and tool advances are allowing PDR Technicians to repair larger and more complex damage. Some of the repair's can far exceed the vehicle owners insurance deductible.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing to use or not to use your insurance for a dent repair. If the claim will be a comprehensive claim the premiums typically will not go up. Damage that is not deemed the insureds fault is usually a comprehensive claim. Examples can be hail damage, a tree branch falling on the vehicle or a hit and run situation.

In a circumstance where the insureds premium may see an increase it may be a better option to pay out of pocket. This option may also depend on how much the insureds deductible is. for example if the repair is 600 dollars and the deductible is 500.00 it may be worth paying the 600 dollars to avoid a chance of a premium increase. In the same deductible scenario if the damage is estimated at 1500.00, using insurance may be worth considering.

Here at Golden Hammer PDR we are experts at handling insurance claims. We will work directly with your insurance company to make sure they compensate correctly so the vehicle can be repaired correctly. With or without insurance we work with you to make responsible decisions to get your vehicle looking great again.

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