Struggling to see while driving at night? Let's talk about Headlight Restoration.

As polycarbonate plastic headlights age road debris and harmful UV rays deteriorate the clear coat and oxidation sets in. Over time this visible dulling and haze robs the driver of valuable visibility. Night driving and inclement weather conditions become more difficult than they would naturally be.

Headlights can be very expensive to replace. Sometimes costing over a thousand dollars a piece.

In comes headlight restoration. At Golden Hammer PDR we use a multistep sanding and polishing regimen. The headlights can usually be brought back to a crystal clear like new look. The driver will notice an immediate difference in the appearance and night time driving visibility will be greatly increased. The benefits of this are substantial. Brighter lights equals a safer drive. Now you can see and be seen!

If your vehicle suffers from hazy headlights give us a call and we will see if our headlight restoration program is right for your vehicle.

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