Large Dents and Paintless Dent Repair?

The short answer is yes, large damage can sometimes be repaired with Paintless Dent Repair methods.

By now most of the population understands that traditional auto body repairs are never perfect or even brought back to pre-loss condition. There will always be signs of a repair. Whether it is a mis-aligned panel, aftermarket part, wavy body filler, dirt in the paint or mismatched orange peel. Paint manufacturers also have to comply with many strict regulations that force them to produce paint that is inferior to what is applied when the vehicle is first produced. This may lead to inconsistencies in the colors and paint that deteriorates faster than the panels that were not repainted.

All of the above results in a loss of value to your vehicle. If you ever try to trade or sell the vehicle you will get less for it than if it was never re-painted.

Large dent repairs are a passion of ours at Golden Hammer PDR. We get excited about repairing panels that others want to replace and paint. It is a test of our skill and patience. This results in our growth in the industry and the constant pursuit to do more and get better. We constantly invest in new tools and technologies to provide the best large dent repairs possible to our clients. Large dents require a different mindset, skillset, and knowledge than small door dings and minor hail repairs. Our history in the collision repair industry provides us with the experience to take on larger damage and achieve great results.

While the goal of paintless dent repair is a perfect and undetectable repair there is also a chance of a flaw being left behind. Sometimes there may be a minor scratch or touch-up paint may be an option. More often than not that flaw will never be noticed by anyone other than the tech who fixed it and possibly the vehicle owner. The majority of people would never look twice at it.

We believe almost every dent should be looked at by at least one Paintless Dent Repair company before an auto body shop. We welcome you to choose us. We will give you a free evaluation and let you know if PDR is right for your situation or if further repairs will be necessary.

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