How much does Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) cost?

We are often asked how we come up with our prices. To come up with the total dollar amount a dent repair is worth we use an industry standard price guide. This guide is built into the industry standard estimating app that we use at Golden Hammer PDR.

Using the dent above as an example the steps are as follows.

  1. Scan the vehicle identification barcode to pull up vehicle specific info.

  2. Clean the panel and mark/measure the dent. Depth and type of dent are considered in this step (round or crease dent). Enter info into price guide.

  3. Add any markups that make the dent more difficult to repair (Aluminum, Bodylines, Glue Pulling, High Strength Steel, etc.).

  4. Add any parts that need to be removed for access to repair the dent

  5. Add for final steps like Polishing scratches, resetting electrical components applying corrosion protection, etc.

In the example shown in the photo above we found a

13" crease= 900.00

Bodyline reconstruction= 225.00

R&I Bumper and tailight= 105.00

Polish Scratches= 75.00

Repair Total= 1305.00

Our price on this repair was bout 2000 dollars less than a traditional body shop estimate. To complete this repair the body shop would have to remove more parts, use body fillers and primers, and pain the 1/4 panel and rear door for paint match. This is a leased vehicle and the customer did not want to pay the higher cost to repair it in the auto body shop and then pay again when the lease was up, due to the value loss of having repainted panels. Also they liked our price better even though it was a little higher than their insurance deductible but there is no risk of premium increases without a filed claim. Insurance claim also means vehicle history which brings down the vehicles value as well.

We ask you to give us a chance to look at your dent help you save money now and in the future with a high quality Paintless Dent Repair from Golden Hammer PDR!

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