Hail Damage Happens in Colorado

Hail storms occur in Colorado multiple times every year. It is a weather event that we have no control over. If you were unfortunate enough to have your vehicle parked outside or even driving it while one of these storms rolls through you may be left with a car that has few extra dents in it.

If it happened to your vehicle then Paintless Dent Repair along with a comprehensive insurance claim is the best path to returning your vehicle to pre-loss condition. Insurance rates do not increase with a comprehensive claim. Paintless Dent Repair is the best possible choice for repair. The dents are repaired from the backside without the need for body fillers or paint. this ensures:

  1. Lasting Repairs - the dents do not come back with properly preformed paintless dent repair techniques.

  2. Full Value Restored - With all dents repaired and all original paint still intact there is no loss of the vehicle value due to replaced and repainted panels.

  3. Most Efficient Repair Method - Without the use of body fillers and paint which need time to dry and cure, paintless dent repair repairs are much more efficient getting you back in your vehicle sooner.

If your caught in a hailstorm don't panic or rush to hand your vehicles keys to anyone. Make the best repair shop choice for you and your vehicle. Also always choose a LOCAL company to handle the repair. After a storm companies come from all over to capitalize on the aftermath as well as vehicle owners who are vulnerable and not knowing what to do. Read this blog post for more on this subject.

The video below shows a bit about the PDR Hail Repair process at Golden Hammer PDR in Boulder Colorado.

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