Don't Rush to the Auto Body Shop!

Accidents happen and when they do we tend to make emotional decisions. The photo above is just one example of damage that can cause a panic feeling. There are many examples of situations like this. In the above photo the vehicle owner had their garage door partially open when they backed their vehicle out. This happens more than you would think. Many thoughts race through ones mind. Will the radio work, will the roof leak water, will my car need to be painted and how long will I be without my car? All fair questions.

Here is what happens if this is repaired at a traditional body shop after repair approval.

Estimated time to complete repair: 5 days

  1. Order parts.

  2. Take all necessary parts off the vehicle to complete the repair.

  3. Straighten the metal, sand the paint, apply body filler, sand and prepare of primer.

  4. Prime, sand, mask for paint, apply new paint to the roof.

  5. Assemble the car.

  6. Sand and polish the new paint to remove blemishes and match orange peel.

  7. Vehicle ready for pickup.

Here is what happens if this damage is repaired at a paintless dent repair shop after repair approval.

Estimated time to repair: 1 day

  1. Order parts

  2. Take all necessary parts off the vehicle to complete the repair.

  3. Repair the damage with Paintless Dent Repair methods.

  4. Assemble the car.

  5. Vehicle is ready for pickup.

In a situation like this the best repair option may not be the first one to come to mind. If you are ever caught in a situation like this one please give your local paintless dent repair shop the opportunity to evaluate the damage before taking it to the auto body shop. Both options can work directly with your insurance company if they are a legitimate business. PDR shops can save you time and the value of your vehicle by returning it to pre-loss condition without painting your vehicle.

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