Always choose a LOCAL dent repair company for hail damage repair!

When your vehicle is unfortunately damaged by a Hail Storm it is easy to find many companies around town that seemed to have popped up overnight. Some rent a warehouse or shop space and some put up a tent in a parking lot.

It is possible to get a good repair with some of these companies, but for the most part it's better to stay away. They can try to lure you in with pitches like waive deductible, cash back, of a free tv with your repair. They explain how they travel the country and sometimes the world providing quality repairs.

If the customer are get a repair they are satisfied with they still need to understand that if something should go wrong down the road the company will most likely be gone to the next hail storm hot spot. This leaves the vehicle owner without the help they deserve for the repair that was covered by their insurance.

If a local paintless dent repair company like ours, Golden Hammer PDR is chosen you can rest assured the company will be around for years to come to help with any issue that may arise. We are here to serve Boulder Colorado and we say: Choose local, choose trust and integrity!

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