Paintless Collision Repairs

With advances in tools and techniques some professional paintless dent repair technicians are evolving into paintless collision repair technicians. Taking on larger more complex damage that was traditionally left for auto body repair shops is proving to be a more efficient way to achieve a more desirable outcome.


Why paint if you don't have to? Anytime the factory paint can be saved the value of the vehicle is saved. 

Paintless collision repair can achieve a much faster repair turnaround time. There is no need to wait for parts or fillers and paint to dry. Most large paintless dent repairs can be completed in 1-2 days instead of 1-2 weeks. 

We enjoy the time, thought and patience required to repair this type of damage and would love the opportunity to help get your vehicle back to it's pre loss condition. 




We have been professionally repairing vehicles since 2004. 

- Hail Damage Repair

- Door Ding Repair

- Large Dent Repair

- Pre Sale Dent Clean-ups

- Lease Turn in Dent Repair Specials

- Headlight Restoration

- Parts Replacement

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